Alison Wonderland
Valentino Khan
Louis The Child
Louis Futon
Dark Mark
Concert Date: 
Sat, 11/19/2016
Age Restriction: 
Rawhide (Phoenix)

Your friendly neighborhood banger advisor Tatum here--I had the privilege to attend GLOBAL DANCE FESTIVAL, a one-day festival that lies in the trend of increasingly lit shows put on by Relentless Beats, with one of KAMP's favorite EDM-loving DJ's, Kira. You might've heard me say that October's BOO! AZ was the best event I've attended all year, but Global easily topped that. With a more diverse lineup, craaaazy big headliners, and my all-time favorite DJ (the goddess herself, Alison Wonderland), it's almost hopeless to believe it could be topped this year. Except it will, because Decadence NYE is happening, and the lineup is so good I feel like we don't deserve it. But we're here to discuss what a wicked awesome time I had experiencing the performances, with all photo credits to the amazing amateur concert photog, Kira Baum.

Enjoy this gallery of our highlight sets--it's bittersweet when the banger sets are so plentiful that you can't catch them all! Pictures are in chronological order, increasing in notoriety & banger level.


Dark Mark, the first artist performing at the main stage, threw down quite a heavy set for so early in the day, but I can’t express how much the crowd loved it. There’s nothing quite like seeing a gradually growing crowd of neon ravers get drawn in by heavy bass and collect under a clear blue, Arizona sky. This DJ is a veteran in the AZ EDM scene and won a DJ contest to earn a slot at GDF, so he is definitely worth checking out. -Kira


Louis Futon, playing as the sun begins to set. He is most well-known for his trap and future bass original work, as well as his exceptional hip hop remixes from artists including G-Eazy, Logic, Future and many others. It seemed that his set was a turning point for the festival, as most of the attendees had officially arrived and were ready to rage. -Kira


I wasn't sure what side of LTC we were going to get tonight--they either create a medley heavy with their own releases, or DJ a diverse and unexpectedly lit set. We got the former, which is just fine with me. The vibes were so positive, as all their releases carry a certain 'sparkle' that is mesmerizing. I couldn't stop smiling through the whole set, and as you can see, the guys know how to use the stage well. Their most recent track "Fire" has been on repeat for months. -Tatum



Just a few days before GDF, Aussie native Alison Wonderland released some merch with the quote "Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level". She's been saying this recently to open sets (I listen to quite a few!) and talks on Twitter about it essentially being her 'mission statement' for a show. Her goal is creating a connection between performer and audience member in the most personal way possible. I think her values as a producer of her own music as well as a prolific DJ are beyond admirable, but I don't think I ever understood how she could pull it off. However, seeing her at Global, in a sea of at least a thousand people, I felt the story she was telling through music. I felt the emotion when she played some of her own tracks and realized that I had gained a connection with them mirroring hers. It's more than just feeling relatable to an artist--it's spiritual. On a technical note, she might've been the most talented DJ I saw that night--as a budding DJ myself, I heard her do things I couldn't imagine creating myself even if I had the gift to think of it. If you ever get the chance to see AW, do not let yourself miss out. I think seeing her changed a lot of concertgoers' perspectives on what electronic music can achieve. -Tatum