Michelle Blades
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Midnight Special Records
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Michelle Blades is nothing that you can label. She is a Mexican-American that resides in Paris, France making music out of any sounds that comes her way. The first track, "How Black the Night o'er the Hills of Machynlleth" is all eerie strings but at one point there is chickens clucking? At least that is what is sounds like. The second track is in between a song and a spoken word poem, layered with an basic strumming pattern. Her voice is raw and light, singing about loneliness and love. There is a track titled "Interlude" on this EP starting with 80's electronic pop music then she gets a phone call from a guy telling her to go out and have some fun. The last two songs have lyrics that sound similar but one just has a faster, upbeat tempo. Labeling this EP as experimental is maybe just an excuse to pile up some sounds and sing over them with no intention or direction. 



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Asher Deaver
Sounds Like: 
Courtney Marie Andrews
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How Black the Night o'er the Hills of Machynlleth: Just because it's funny that chickens are clucking over string instruments!
Javi Perez
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