Drug Apts EP

Drug Apts
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Interference Pattern Records
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It's not everyday you hear about a new Sacramento band, so I was very excited to hear about this first EP from Drug Apts. The only band from Sacramento to achieve fame in the last decade is Death Grips, and while I'm sure the band would prefer that Death Grips wasn't mentioned in every press release/ review, the fact that two members of Death Grips produced the EP is kind of the hook for listeners. The good news is that this new EP removes all doubt that Drug Apts need a co-sign, their music is reason enough to check them out. Drug Apts play a their own brand of caustic, chaotic, and wild noise rock. I honestly don't know exactly who to compare them to. Whittney Kebschull's vocals shape-shift all of the the tracks, over noise rock bass lines, guitars that shift from post punk to garage, and drums that become rattlesnakes. The only real problem I have is that the first song "Mother Invention" is so mind-blowingly good that the rest of the EP can't compete. If they can put out an LP of the same quality, they'll have one of my favorite noise rock albums ever. Here's hoping that they do. 

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Be Your Own Pet
Sounds Like: 
Death Grips
Sounds Like: 
other equally invalid comparisons
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1 Mother Invention: One of my favorite songs of the year. Constantly shifting styles, super unpredictable. Also catchiest song on the EP.
Andrew Boring
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