Ostrich - Single

Dear Derrick
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PBS Inc/Only popcorn/New East Coat
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          Dear Derrick released Ostrich as a single off his new album "More Reality Less Art." The song is old school hip-hop type of song; no melody, angelic female vocals or samples are in the song. It's just Dear Derrick rapping over an 808. The song is two minutes and thirteen seconds which is pretty short for a single, but Derrick gets straight to the point with this song. There is no bridge, intro, or outro. The song is rather stripped, so I don't feel like I need this song to be longer than two minutes. Even though Ostrich consists primarily of rapping and an 808, it's not a banger, it's a chill song. It sounds like the chorus vocals have been lowered a pitch, or slowed down, which makes the song even more chill. The lyrics in the chorus are quite funny; "I come through with ostriches, that's two tall European women with tan skin." Derrick actually disses Drake in this song; "i got a street chick, yeah my honey strapped, I ask her do she listen to drake, she said "she don't vibe to funny rap." Overall the song is pretty good. Be sure to check it out!

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Tyler the Creator
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Ostrich: Chill rap w/ 808.
Brieana Sealy
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