The Shacks EP

The Shacks
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Big Crown Records
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The Shacks EP is a sweet collection of your typical bedroom pop songs. That isn't to say it isn't any good. It's just to say that there's nothing particularly interesting or special about the album. That being said, if there's anything interesting about the album, it'd be Shannon Wise's voice. It's that kind of sickingly-sweet whisper singing that some people really enjoy and others cannot stand. As I am of the latter group, I will try to put my own feelings about her voice aside.

The Shacks EP has an overarching theme of sweetness. The first track, "This Strange Effect," has the line, "You have this strange effect on me... And I like it." This line sets the mood for the rest of the album. It is dreamy and affectionate and warm. It is also the most saccharine piece of music I've listened to in recent memory. I don't want to come off as too cynical here, but I just couldn't get past the constant overly sentimental lyrics and tone. However, if you are a person that relishes in anything romantic and sweet, you'll probably love this album because it truly isn't awful. It just requires a certain mindset to enjoy. 

Sounds Like: 
Max Shrager
Sounds Like: 
Mazzy Star
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3 Orchids: Most musically interesting, not overly sentimental
5 Tidal Waves
Brooke Blizzard
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