The High Curbs Interview

Emily sat down to chat with The High Curbs after they kicked off Tucson's Night of the Living Festival and performed a full set at KAMP. The four-piece, hailing from Chino, CA, divulged some fun tour stories, dirty details on the recording process of their new album, where certain band members get their "new" jackets, and much, much more. Blast the four tracks they played live @ KAMP as you read on, by clicking here

Emily Beiser: Should we start with everyone introducing themselves and telling me your favorite part about NOLF this weekend?

Eduardo Moreno: My name is Ed. My favorite part about NOLF this weekend was seeing King Khan & BBQ Show. They were real good. Oh, and the free burgers.

EB: Did you guys try the Sonoron hot dogs?

EM: No, what’s that?

EB: I think it’s a Tucson thing…I guess it’s Sonoran-inspired. But basically they give you a hot dog and they put a shit ton of toppings on it. I got a vegetarian one at the food truck and it had a lot of good stuff on it.

Alec Saavedra: Bird up!

EB: Yeah, welcome to the worst show on radio!

Aaron Korbe: I’m Korbe. My favorite part about the fest this weekend was probably just seeing all of the good bands and hanging out with all of my friends.

Alberto Alvarenga: My name’s Alberto, and my favorite part of the fest was talking to the burger-flipping guy. He was so tight. He had all these cool scars and was very polite. Always like, “Oh, thanks!” all the time, whenever I complimented his burgers.

EB: Who is this burger guy?

AA: You didn’t see him in the back?

AS: He had a scar on his face!

AA: I don’t know his name.

EB: So to clarify, not the Burger Records dude.

Everyone: Nooooo.

EB: Sorry, bad joke.

AA: We love him, but he wasn’t making our burgers!

EB: He honestly should’ve, that would’ve been pretty cute.

AA: Yeah, if Lee was serving up burgers…cutest ever.

AS: I’m Alec. I’m a Ghost Curb.

AK: He’s our tour manager.

AS: I try to keep it cool. I bring the fun.

EB: He’s just been following you guys around and you can’t get rid of him.

AS: I’m the Criss Angel of the group, pretty much.

Everyone laughs

EM: He’s definitely entertaining.

Andrew Palomino: Hello, my name is Andrew. My favorite part of the fest was being Matt from Audacity’s guitar tech.

AK: It was pretty sick.

AP: I saved their whole set, actually.

AA: Good job, bud.

Everyone claps.

EB: I love clapping in here because it sounds exactly like the Eric Andre Show applause.

Everyone, laughing: Yes!

AS: Do a monologue, dude.

EB: Anyone wanna do a monologue right now?

EM: Not tonight.

AS: Yo, Hannibal...

AA: Don’t even talk to that guy! He’s just our tour manager!

EB: Alright…so how would you guys describe your sound to someone who’s never listened to you before?

EM: Rock ‘n’ roll.

AK: This is such a hard question. You know, there’s a drum set, and a guitar, and a bass.

EM: A guy singing, kinda screaming.

AP: It’s loud.

EB, motioning to Alec: There’s a dude running around, drinking Red Bull.

AA: Basically that. Like, imagine a greasy long-haired motherfucker who only drinks Red Bull and smokes crack-

AS: I don’t smoke crack!

AA: But also, they’re asleep.

AK: The Ghost Curb is making us look like crackheads.

EB: So how did you guys form The High Curbs?

EM: I was talking to a good friends of mine, and he wanted to start a band.

EB: In this room?

EM: Nah…

Everyone: Ex-Curb!

EB: You should do a High Curb Your Enthusiasm.

AA: Yo, we should do that.

EB: Sorry, I kind of interrupted your story.

EM: Oh, right. Well, he wanted to start a band, and we were already in a band- mostly for jokes. So we started this new thing, and we’re still doing it.

EB: Cool. Then how did you come up with the name High Curbs?

EM: If you’ve ever been on Magnolia in Chino, California…

AA: You been there?

EB: I go there all the time.

EM: It’s a long street, and it gets really flooded there.

AA: Because of what?

EM: Because of the rain!

AS: The curbs are just high.

EB: The High Curbs. No other contenders?

EM: Nope, that was the first one.

EB: First and final.

AA: Yeah, and you try to come up with band names but then you Google them, and they’re already bands.

AK: Yeah, this one came out of nowhere, and it was kinda funny.

EB: Who would you cite as your biggest influences?

EM: I’d probably just say Drake.

Everyone laughs

EM: Why are you laughing? It’s not funny.

EB: Which album?

EM: Oh, you know…

AA: Name seven songs.

EM: All of them.

AK: Don’t say Take Care.

AA: They’re too good to choose!

EM: His mixtape was really good

AA, laughing: Which one?

EM: Well, Drake’s definitely an influence.

AP: For the whole band?

EM: No, just for me.

AK: My musical influences change every month. I’m wearing a Joyce Manor shirt, they’re an influence. King Khan’s an influence.

AA: My influences are Charles Moothart from CFN, Ty Segall, this dude Del Shannon, from the ‘50s, I think. I actually don’t know, he’s old as fuck. He’s dead now.

AS: Rest in peace.

AA: And a few other guys in my head, just consoling me. I love them all. Tim Allen’s at the head of the table.

AP: I only have two really. One of them is, you know, Primus.

Everyone laughs

AP: And the next one is Vince Guaraldi.

EB: How did the recording process of the new album [Marcelo Cleveland] differ from that of Weight Problems?

AK: Everything was pretty different.

EM: Yeah, literally everything.

AP: We did Weight Problems with DR and Matt.

EM: We recorded it in some little kid’s bedroom.

AK: Yeah, it was in L.A. at some recording studio they did out of their house.

EM: We were definitely more ready this time.

AP: It took two days.

AK: We recorded it in a living room and a kitchen, and this guy gave vocals in this six-year-old’s bedroom. It was really weird and funny.

EM: It was dinosaur-themed.

AA: That’s pretty tight.

EB: Cool six-year-old.

EM: This record was recorded with someone who’s influenced us a lot, though.

AP: Matt from Audacity.

Everyone shouts-out Matt.

EM: And we recorded in more of an actual studio.

AK: Yeah, it was techincally just a practice space, but he has plenty of things to make it feel like a real studio.

AA: And it was the first time we pulled an all-nighter to record.

AK: We recorded at like nine at night until 5:00 PM.

AP: That was cool.

EM: Yeah, it was crazy.

AA: I didn’t record, though. It was ex-Curb. I’m the New Curb.

EB, to AK: What are you?

AK: I’m Old Curb.

EB, to EM: What are you?

EM: Old Curb.

EB: You can’t all be Old Curb!

AA: But they’re all Old Curbs! I’m the new one.

EB: You need, like, a defining feature, though.

AK: I’m Master Curb!

EM: I guess I’ll just say I’m OG Tzurb.

EB: Is there something that none of you can seem to agree on? I mean, you seem to get along pretty well…

AA: Beers!

EM: Music.

AK: Yeah, sometimes what we listen to in the car.

AP: Where we’re gonna eat, what we’re gonna watch on television.

AA: I don’t really care, as long as it’s not like The 700 Club or something.

EM: Eating on tour is hard.

AA: Imagine waking up in the morning, and then you go to the nearest Carl’s Jr. and you go, “Hey, hello. Can I have a half-pound guacamole with bacon burger, with large fries?” And that’s you’re fucking breakfast. It’s so good.

EB: I really don’t wanna imagine that.

AP: It’s not good…

AA: 7:30 AM!

EM: Korbe loves fast food, so when he’s on tour, that’s his prime.

AK: I’m at home!

AA: The one thing we can’t agree on is what we don’t agree on.

EB: Oh, by the way I was talking to Nobunny after he played and he told me that he heard you guys had a really great set.

AS, laughing: Justin said that? Did Pookie say that?

AA: That’s weird, considering the doors weren’t even fucking open for our set!

AP: I hope the workers enjoyed it.

EB: I mean, word spread that you guys had a good set…

AS: I love words.

AK: I did enjoy that set, it was a really fun one.

AA: I wore a nice shirt. It was nice. And I got a new jacket!

AP: Yeah, we found it.

EM: At Jack in the Box.

AK: We literally found it in a bush behind Jack in the Box yesterday morning.

EB: And you took it?

AA: Yeah!

EB: Well we were talking about touring a bit before, but do you guys have any particularly crazy stories from being on the road that you’d like to share?

AA: Off the record?

EB: This is all on the record.

Alberto lifts his shirt up.

EB: Nipple ring! When did that happen?

AK: That was a fifty dollar dare.

EM: Okay, so here’s what happened. Berto likes to play this game, where he’s like would you rather-

EB: Yes! I heard him playing it before. The tongue question.

AA: Yeah, would you rather have fingers for tongues or tongues for fingers?

EM: So I go, “Berto, how much would it take to get both nipples pierced?” And he gave me a ridiculous number, like six hundred bucks. Then I was like what the fuck, so I told him, “Alright, I’ll give you thirty dollars if you get one pierced.”

AA: Instantly, “I’m down!”

AP: Then he was trying to back out.

EM: Yeah, so we had to throw in the extra twenty bucks for the guy.

AA: It was honestly worth it though.

AS: There’s a video of it coming out soon.

AA: I like it, I might get the other one done now. But my girlfriend hates it. It was like 9/10 the worst pain I felt.

EB: If The High Curbs had a theme song, what would it be?

AS: 1999 Grammy Award Winning Hit “Smooth” by Carlos Santana featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20.

Everyone laughs

EB: Who’s been your favorite band to come out of your hometown, other than yourselves?

EM: Literally no one.

EB: No one?

EM: Nobody makes it out of here. They all die.

AA: We are the default answer.

EB: Shout-out time?

EM: I wanna shout-out my dogs, my cats, my mom, my dad, my kids at home.

AS: Eduardo’s got kids?

EM: My nieces, my cousins, my little sister. I wanna shout-out Drake again, you know. Thank you for being there for me, you morally support me all the time.

AK: Shout-out to my parents and my grandparents. If it weren’t for my grandparents, we wouldn’t be doing this shit at all.

AA: Yeah, shout-out to Korbe’s fucking grandparents!

EB: What’s the story behind your grandparents?

AK: We used to throw crazy backyard shows at my grandparents' house, which is also where we practice. And shout-out to Whataburger. Shout-out to Lee, the burger guy.

AA: Shout-out to both Burger Lees.

EM: Shout-out to burger Lee and Burger Records Lee.

AA: Shout-out to my two puppies, Daisy and Oreo. Shout-out to my boys back home, you know who you are. Shout-out to my baby, shout-out to Little Caesars. Feeding me forever, you know, feeding my voice, too, you know. I love Little Caesars.

AK: We should get sponsored by them.

AS: Shout-out to The Buttertones.

AP: Shout-out to Audacity.

AA: What about Nick Cave?

AS: Oh, yeah. Shout-out to Nick Cave.

EB: No Bad Seeds, just Nick Cave.

EM: Nick Cave bought our new record, it’s crazy.

AP: Shout-out to Metallica. Lars. Shout-out to Georgia, for making it through to Arizona.

EB: Shout-out to school.

AA: Shout-out to education!

AP: Shout-out to Eagles.

AK: That’s like all we’ve been listening to.

EB: Such good road trip music.

AA: Shout-out to my band, Astronaut Samurais.

EB: Off the record?

AA: Yeah, off the record.

EB: Alright, so final question, what can fans expect from you guys in the remainder of 2016?

AA: More band fights on stage.

AP: We’re working on new music.

AS: Everyone’s got new licks.

EM: We have a part-time member.

AS: Ay, shout-out to Part Time!

AP: A Young Neil.

EB: Young Neil from Scott Pilgrim?

AK: Yeah, that’s Spencer.

AA: I love you Spencer. Shout-out to Spencer, he’s my boy. Tyler, I love you. Duane, I love you, too, you little meatloaf.

AK: What else are we doing for the rest of the year?

AA: Playing more shows, and practicing the new songs we have right now. Figuring out the kind of set-up we want. At the beginning of the year we’re probably gonna start recording more stuff.

AK: Let’s just tour again.

EB: Well, thank you very much for coming!

Everyone: Thanks for having us!

AS: We love college.

EB: We love you.

AA: We love you. I love Ed.

EM: I love Berto.

AA: We love everybody. Email us with any inquiries. Send us pictures of your feet.

EB: Alberto loves feet?

EM: This guy’s got multiple names. He’s got Berto, Alfwedo, Tony Tankareno. He’s got Foot.

EB: Just Foot?

AA, laughing: Yeah.

EM: He’s got Toe.

AA: Because of Alber-toe.

Everyone laughs.

AS: I love Toe, that one’s my favorite.

EM: Korbe’s got Corn Bread.

AS: Corn Beef.

EM: Corn Chip, Corn Nut.

AP: Corn Row.

AA: Corn With A K.

EB: And a backwards “r”?

EM: Andrew’s got a lot, too. You got Andy, Andres.

AA: You got Lego.

EM: You got Drew.

AA, to Eduardo: You’ve got Ed.

AK: And then we’ve got Stupid Shithead (Alec), on the floor.

EM: All I gotta say is, follow me on Twitter.

The newest High Curbs' LP, Marcelo Cleveland, is now out on Sick City Records. If you missed it at the top of the page, the link to see the in-studio performance is hereSpecial thanks to Payton Wells, Sean Li Wong, and Jake Calegari.