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Culvert Music
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Listening to this album was a bizarre experience, because I had to triple check that this wasn't a Tegan and Sara album in disguise. Somewhat fitting, Diana is an Canadian synth-pop group, with catchy upbeat songs that are extremely similar to recent Tegan and Sara albums. What can I say, Canada has it's niche when it comes to female fronted synth pop.  Track 1, sounds as if it's a B-side to the most recent Tegan and Sara album with it's vocals, synth sounds, and upbeat choruses, and the similarities continue throughout the album.

This album overall is dancy and energetic to listen to, with each of the songs bringing in their own 80s inspired aspects. The songs are a bit on the longer side, with them averaging to about 5 minutes a piece, but overall its a catchy album, that is hard to go wrong with.

My favorite track was "What You Get" which is more on the sad side, and slightly slower conveys the feeling of heartbreak and pain beautifully. It feels like the sort of song that would be played during a breakup montage, and it's great.

If you like Tegan and Sara, or 80s inspired synth pop, definitely check out this album.

Sounds Like: 
Tegan and Sara
Sounds Like: 
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2. What You Get- slower paced song with nice vocals.
3. Slipping Away - synthy alternative 80s inspired song
Sidney Whitmire
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