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Hardcore instrumentation with noisier aspects that sounds like a drive through the desert filled with cactus spines stuck in your hands. Great instrumentation with vocals that paired to create an ongoing explosive tone that didn’t get stuck in a loop of trite structures. Instead, it pressed forward with amusing riffs and repetitive structures that, paired with distortion, created the dissonant and harsh environment. The tones feel subterranean, utilizing the vocals to add the angst and added power to the album that helped form the rigid and sharp songs. Throughout the album, there are breaks within the songs that switch from heavy flowing distortion to fractured segments with riffs and others with pressing drums, featuring harsh vocals. Overall a great album if looking for noisier hardcore music that utilizes entertaining riffs, distortion, harsh vocals, and flowing structures with fractured segments.

Sounds Like: 
Kowloon Walled City
Recommended Tracks: 
2. Baby Teeth (Features great aspects of the album)
8. I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt (Great lyrics and sound)
Nathan Gosnell
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