The Labyrinth

Zion I
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Mind Over Matter
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     Zion I, aka Baba Zumbi's new album called The Labyrinth is a conscious rap album with personal, sociopolitical, and inspirational lyrics. The intro "Pre-Destine" and the outro "Departure" are recordings of Zumbi's two-year-oldson Kenji. Kenji had some kind words for his fathers listeners: "Hey people, don't hate. God will protect you. Focus on the good parts." The first two songs after the intro are Bangers! "What we Gone Do" is definitely a more trap oriented song. The female vocals move in out out the song but the vocals are primarily Zumbi's. The lyrics speak on social injustice in the country. "Believe" is similar to "What We Gone Do" when it comes to the instrumentals, but the lyrics have a different message. The lyrics are motivational, basically with the message to not let haters get you down. The female vocals in this song are more prevalent but the vocals once again are primarily Zumbi. As far as sequence goes, I would have liked to have heard "Believe" toward the end of the album, between "Sauce" and "Heaven 4 a G." The first two songs on the album (What We Gone Do, and Believe) are too similar to be put one after another. 

    The album has diverse songs, but the songs are arranged by similarity. It seems Zumbi wants to set the mood within the album, and keep the listener there for awhile before switching up the pace. "Wings" and "Saving Soulz" follow "Believe" and keep the upbeat flow going. The album starts to slow down with the intro and chorus of "Let Me Be." "Not Your Fault" similar in the sense that the intro and chorus slow down the pace of the album. "Dinner Time" and "Wake Up" bring the bangers back.  The ending song "Heaven 4 a G" is a song about Zumbi's personal life; including his childhood, family, and spiritual enlightenment. Conscious rap tends to have less profanity and Zumbi tends to follow this trend. There is a cursing in this album but it's not overbearing at all, barely even noticeable to be honest. Over all the album is has good beats, and great messages. Give it a listen! 

Sounds Like: 
Aesop Rock
Sounds Like: 
Talib Kweli
Recommended Tracks: 
What We Gone Do: Bass! Nice piano sample with female vocals in the chorus.
Wings: this song is hype af!
Believe: Great message, sick beats, female R&B background vocals.
Saving Soulz: the beat is crazy!
Brieana Sealy
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