Andretti 10/30

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ALL (Needs cleaning)
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New Orleans rapper Curren$y may have released his fourth studio album Canal Street Confidential last year in 2015, but he has not slowed down since then. Ten mixtapes into 2016, his tenth release this year alone titled Andretti 10/30, is a continuation of Andretti 9/30. Most people would think that a rapper's sound may grow stale after releasing so many mixtapes in one year, and that may be both true and false. 

From the start, it is clear that the production on Andretti 10/30 is very well done. Teaming up producers such as 808 Mafia and King Thelonious, fans are in for some very clean and diverse beats from some great producers. Tracks such as "Stunt On Them" and "We're In the Game" are definitley standouts, and feature some of the best production on tape. It should also be noted that Andretti 10/30 is pretty light on features, sporting a good 3 spotlight performances from Tiny C Style, Scotty ATL, and former Young Money labelmate Starlito.

Overall, this is a very short mixtape at 10 tracks in length, and is a good choice if you need filler tracks for that perfect function playlist. People who are fans of more mainstream acts will probably pass up on this release, but Andretti 10/30 will most likely be a treat for die hard Curren$y fans... or people who are strictly into 'bangers'.

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Jet Life
Sounds Like: 
Dom Kennedy
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
5. Stunt On Them - Killer production, pretty fun banger.
8. We In the Game - Goes hard as fuck.
Roy Santa Cruz
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