Flames and Figures

The Seshen
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Tru Thoughts
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Flames & Figures is a beautifully immersive experience. Lead singer Lalin St. Juste’s voice is smooth, feminine, mourning, calming, all at the same time. It feels like the rest of the music is almost built around her, with driving base and synthy builds. While there are definitely elements of electropop, they mostly feel like a layered support system for St. Juste’s modern and delicate exploration of love and passion. The quieter and more reflective moments in the album lead nicely into more upbeat and 80’s inspired songs, which in some places are almost saccharine sweet, but in other places are refreshing. 

Sounds Like: 
Little Dragon
Sounds Like: 
Lienna La Havas
Recommended Tracks: 
1. Open Spaces – Pensive, hopeful, seeking. Really nice!
2. Flames and Figures – Really beautiful vocal melodies and piano background
Amelia Marsh
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