Gucci Mane
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Atlantic Records
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Woptober is Gucci Mane’s 10th studio album and second project since being released from prison in May. The first time I listened to this album I wasn't expecting that much and to be honest, I really didn't get much more than I expected. I was immediately greeted with some great production and this is a strength that continues throughout the album. The lyrics and delivery are pretty standard for Guwop. We get the usual “fuck 12” “icy” “BURR BURR” lines that we expect to hear from him and even some more sentimental stuff such as “Do I love my bitch or am I in love with her body?” The hooks are a big strength of this album, although they can be a bit repetitive at times. One of my favorite tracks on this album was “Money Machine”. The hook is incredibly catchy and both Rick Ross and Guwop pull through with some great verses. I also enjoyed how Guwop manages to get sentimental multiple times on this album as seen on the tracks “Dirty Little Nigga’”, where he raps about the people he’s seen while living in the hoods of Atlanta and while in prison, as well as “Love Her Body” where he raps about the love he has for his significant other. Overall, there’s nothing too crazy about this album. It's exactly what you would expect to hear from Guwop at this point in his career, but it’s worth your time if you are a fan of trap music or need some good party bangers.