Beats Antique
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Beats Antique
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This record is weird. Don't expect to like it on first listen, but if you give it time, it will grow on you. I really like it now. Beats Antique is an eclectic combination from an enourmous variety of genres and influences who collaborate to make world music with electronic undertones. The record was recorded in Oakland, Moscow, and Tel Aviv, and borrow musical styles from all across the world--their Spotify profile lists Balkan wedding music, flamenco, and French Gypsy jazz as some of their many influences. This incredibly diverse mix of instrumentation and stylings is mixed with catchy electronic beats, which makes the music danceable as well. Shadowbox was recorded as Beats Antique celebrated their tenth anniversary, and it definitely comes off as a victory lap. Each song manages to explore a completely different sound, yet the album maintains continuity. Guest stars like the Preservation Hall Jazz Band make appearances, as well. This is definitely an album worth checking out, probably more than once. 

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Sounds Like: 
Polish Ambassador
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Let It All Go- one of the most accessible songs on the album
Burn Dub- catchy electronic song
Will Fotter
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