Talk To You Soon

Ricky Eat Acid
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Terrible Records
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Ricky Eat Acid is the solo electronic project of Sam Ray, also of Teen Suicide. His older albums were all variations on lo-fi bedroom electronics, leaning more poppy on Haunt u forever or more ambient like on Three Love Songs. The roughness of recording was a huge part of the charm, and his albums created a hazy atmosphere for you to zone out to. Those releases were at perfectly at home on Orchid Tapes, but on his new record Talk To You Soon, he's jumped up to Terrible Records (co-founded by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear) and it's a huge difference. Gone is the hazy, homespun feel of past records, this record's is Hi-Fi.

I wish I could say that his sound is done favors by the increase in fidelity, but honestly it just isn't. A lot of tracks here sound like the beginning of something good, but they never develop into anything interesting. He sounds like he's trying to be a beatmaker like Four Tet, or Gold Panda, but he doesn't have the chops to pull it off. Songs randomly transition from one section to another without any sense of purpose, the sounds he picks get boring fast, and for every cool part there are two parts that don't work. All of these things were great on his old records, but they don't work in this new environment. Maybe this record is just growing pains for REA, I sure hope so.

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Blithe Field
Sounds Like: 
Teen Suicide
Sounds Like: 
Gold Panda
Sounds Like: 
Flying Lotus
Sounds Like: 
Four Tet
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1 'hey': pretty, one of the better builds on the record.
8 Know: my favorite on the record, only 58 seconds, just wish the record was more like this.
4 Fucking to Songs on Radios: (EXPLICIT, don't play) Love how the vocal sample fades into the instrumentations. Also, Pretty.
Andrew Boring
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