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ii is the Danish indie synth-pop group Efterklangs first album since 2012. They actually recorded it under the name Liima with a Finish percussionist, Tatu Ronkko, so it’s Liima’s first album. On top of that, they recorded ii in three days in Berlin. So we’re just kind of covering our global bases from the get-go here.

The album has an emotional glitcheness to it, they bring in synth and percussion to convey a range of emotions purely through sound.  For example, on the sixth track “Woods” the entire intro is a beautiful percussion build up with a sense of urgency to it, about three minutes of up-tempo beats immediately dropping off into a piano driven love song. “513” is literally a glitch song- sporadic synths with low vocals and a deep baseline. The album is driven in this way with a moody fuzz-synth filled sound.

Overall I give this album a solid B, it could be a little much at times with all of the noise. For my taste I would have preferred a cleaner sound, but I could definitely see someone liking the grimeness of it. ii is a pretty album toeing the line between abrasive and enjoyable, so check it out. 

Sounds Like: 
Very Vaugely like Animal Collective
Sounds Like: 
A Synth Danish Band
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09 Black Beach: It had all my favorite elements: an 80s inspired voice, pre-looped percussion, and some nice indie rock grooves. I actually highly recommend this one, it's upbeat if that's what you're about but also moody if that's what you're about!
02 Amerika: This is the most popular song off of ii, and I liked it a lot! It's got that groovy ~synth~ vibe
Payton Wells
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