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Soulja Boy
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Soulja Boy is a rapper out of Atlanta who gained lots of fame through his hits like Crank That, Kiss Me Thru the Phone, and Pretty Boy Swag. Let me preface this review by saying that I really enjoyed Soulja Boy's music earlier in his career. That being said, this isn't just the worst rap album I have heard in a long time, maybe ever. This is the worst album in general that I have heard in a good while. First of all, the songs are unoriginal and uninspired. The beats are more bland than Life cereal. The lyrics say absolutely nothing about anything, and I have listened to a good amount of the album, and so far I've failed to hear one line that was anywhere near impressive. Secondly, he manages to take songs that you may really like, such as Timmy Turner and No Flocking, and absolutely ruin them. Listening to these tracks is honestly painful because they're just sorry excuses for freestyles over really good tracks that make you want to turn off this album and pop in some Kodak Black or Desiigner. Lastly, the album is so uneccesarily and painfully long. The sad thing is that in 23 tracks, there isn't one that I actually enjoy at least a little bit. I think Soulja Boy needs to quit putting out so much music, and focus on the quality over quantity, because honestly, this album is trash. I'd recommend listening to the mixtape of one of those guys who hands them out at the mall before you listen to this. 

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That Guy at the Mall who's always trying to sell you his mixtape
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Zack Estes
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