By Any Beats Necessary

Wax Tailor
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Le Plan Records
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I was very happy to have been introduced to this album by Music Director Tatum. I've listened to Wax Tailor for a good amount of time and so was ecstatic to be able to listen to his newly released album "By Any Beats Necessary". The album features many artists and is a complex mixture of funky beats and smooth melodies that lightly touch on politcal issues without contradicting it's more easy-going sound. It begins with lighter, poppy songs that make you want to tap your foot and nod your head. "I Had a Woman", the album's second track, features a unique bluegrass hip-hop sound with the addition of oldies soundbits that make it an excellent introduction. It is further followed by a smooth, melodious track called "For the Worst" that has lovely vocals and a jazzy back beat that is excellent listening when one is hitting the sack. As I mentioned, there is a complex mixture of melodious tunes such as the third, but the third track is followed by a funky, upbeat song that is layered over with fast-paced lyrics that doesn't at all throw off the feeling of the album. The rest of the album follows this style, hard style following smooth, but never being so contradictive that it makes it uncomfortable. Using perfect mixtures of up and downplayed beats, soft and hard vocals, and rhythmic, fast-paced lyrical work, this album singularly creates a beautiful album only to be expected of Wax Tailor.

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Charlotte Savary
Sounds Like: 
Ghostface Killah
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For the Worst (ft. IDIL) is a smooth and melodious sound that introduces you to the lovely style of Wax tailor.
The Road is Ruff, for its jazzy vocals overlaying a staccato, funky beat, reminiscent of The Black Keys.
Kenny Bartz
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