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Negro Galacticus
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Negro Galacticus calls their music Afropunk, and if you overthink things like me, that might be a confusing term. I'd heard the term before (off the top of my head, from the movie Dope), and I always assumed that it meant something like a combination of Punk and Afrobeat, which led me to being confused when I actually heard it since it sounds nothing like that. I apologize but I'm gonna quote wikipedia, which says: "Afro-punk (sometimes spelled Afro-Punk, Afropunk, or AfroPunk) refers to the participation of African Americans and other black people in the punk and alternative music cultures, especially in the United States, where this scene has been overwhelmingly white." Click. I get it now. I'm dumb, but now I know more. 

This definition is definitely what I needed, there's no Afrobeat to be found in Negro Galacticus' sound, but there is a huge blend of other sounds. I won't list all the genres here (check the bottom of the page) but it's basically a mix of Punk, Indie Rock, and Hip Hop. The vocals are partially sung, but there is a ton of rapping too, and it's some of the nerdiest rap I've heard in ages. For example, one of my favorite tracks here is "Bitch I'm Amazing", which contains references to Dragon Ball, Greek mythology, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Astrology, football, file compression, Mortal Combat, Rugrats, and more Greek mythology, all within the first verse. It's wordy, dense, literate, but also relaxed, fun, and hysterically funny. There's lots of weird little vocal jokes, breaking the fourth wall, and I think they might be from outer space. Basically if you want a good time, check out this album and let it sink in, take an interstellar journey with Negro Galacticus.

P.S. I'm hoping someone can clean this record

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Sounds Like: 
Das Racist
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De La Soul
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5 Bitch I'm Amazing: (NOT FCC CLEAN YET) Super fun, nerdy, energetic, etc.
6 I'm From the Westside: (NOT FCC CLEAN YET) Fast raps, silly concept, great singing, and someone sounds like Yoni Wolf of WHY? on this track
9 Journey From Andromeda: (NOT FCC CLEAN YET) Philosophical, funny, melodic, joyful.
Andrew Boring
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