A Seat at the Table

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On September 27th, Solange Knowles, known as simply Solange, surprised fans by tweeting the announcement of her long-awaited third studio album. "I am overwhelmed with gratitude & excitement to share this work I've written and created, with you... #ASeatAtTheTable". Three days later, that excitement was met with the release of A Seat at the Table, earning herself her first number 1 album on the Top Billboard 200. Since 2012's release of her extended play titled True, I have been craving new music from Solange for almost 4 years. It is safe to say that as a huge fan of Knowles' work, this album was definitely worth the wait.

Solange has shook us all by releasing a very personal album that only Solange could have possibly released. From the interludes to the actual songs, each song was well-crafted into weaving in a story about black empowerment, accepting your identity, and being confident in a span of 21 songs. It should also be noted that there are quite a few guest appearances on this album. Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland, The Dream, Sampha, and Kelela all compliment the songs that they appear in very well, and also let Solange prove that she has the power to be the star of her own songs at all times. This may sound very opinionated, but this album is so good that its hard to recommend just a few standout songs, because all the songs standout in some shape or form. Cranes in the Sky is a beautiful song full of the melancholic lyrics about different ways of coping, and show a vulnerable side to Solange. Songs such as Mad show her proving that she is not the one to sit around and let others take advantage of her, while songs such as Don't Touch My Hair and F.U.B.U are odes to self empowerment and embracing black culture. Although all of the songs are great, my definite favorite would have to be Scales, a slow-burning R&B song with a guest spot from Kelela. Their harmonies together are very beautiful, and compliment each other very well. It should also be noted that this is a very diverse album, and her funky motown inspired sound of her older work is still prevalent here in fun songs such as Junie, and the synth-pop sound she explored with collaborators such as Dev Hynes can also be found in the beautiful Don't Wish Me Well

Much similar to her older sister Beyonce, Solange has proved that she is an artist that is always evolving as an artist, and as an individual. A Seat at the Table is a very personal album, yet it is a piece of music that many people can relate to at the same time. Although this album was only released 3 weeks ago, it has earned a spot in my 5 five albums of 2016 thus far. If you are a fan of R&B, this is a must hear. If that is not really your cup of tea but you enjoy finding and listening to good new music, this is definitely worth checking out. 

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Lauryn Hill
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4. Cranes in the Sky - Absolutely beautiful. Stellar lyrics and singing
6. Mad - Badass song with a killer verse from Lil Wayne (explicit though)
9. Don't Touch My Hair - Empowering (says sh*t but can easily be cut out)
20. Scales - Super chill and sexy, Solange and Kelela are a great duo.
Roy Santa Cruz
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