Robert Glasper Experiment
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Blue Note Records
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 This Album opens up with fast jazz, the kind you hear on NPR between segments, then he opens with this spoken word; "The reality is my people have given the world so many kinds of music, so many styles of music, so why should I just confine myslelf to one, we want to explore them all" after wards the beat slows, there is some disc jockey and distant speech clips and electronic sounds introduced, more of a 90's hip hop beat introduced, the rest of this song fading to a finish. Track 2 opens with synth beats, keyboard and lyrics methodically bumping out, more zippy electronica lights up the background instramentals, the song repeats the title between slowly spoken lyrics, "Thinkin Bout Ya" Chill vibes dominating this track. Track 3 starts up ith a more upbeat clap beat, synth beats and vocal ascend down on the listener, sounds very simular to Daft Punk with almost D'Angelo like lyrics, very enticing if you were thinking about dancing, song ends with a conversation and laughter. Track 4 opens up with a fast paced drum beat, lrics are more fast paced then the two previous songs, then ascends into male vocal singing, paired really well with the instumentation behind it, rolling piano rifts and more drum beats continue, WARNING this song is 9 minutes long. The rest of the album continues with this kind of exploration and mixing of genres between jazz, synth, hip hop, rap. HIGHLY RECOMEND, play this on your show, especially track 1 becuase it already sounds like NPR interbetween tracks, Robert Glasper has a beautifully seductive low and rythmic voice, like slow dripping disco like honey. ENJOY.

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Daft Punk, NPR,
Sounds Like: 
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Ellery Page
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