The Well-Tempered Overlord

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Storm Tower Records
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 Pump Up, Progressive, Indie Pop jams flow out of this album. Overlord is an indie -pop, dreamy indie band from Brooklyn New York. This is their second album and it seems to be a clear ripening and honing of their sound. Which is upbeat, fast passed, satirical new modern indie twists on old psychedelic rock, indie dream pop, boy band. With almost beatles inspired lyrics and melodies this album is quite delightful to the ear palette. The whole album generally has a similar sound although tracks 5 and 6 have a particularily lovely uprising guitar rifts and build of momentum and sound. All songs are pretty catchy, even the more satirical lyrics being sung in a blissful manner. If you can picture a group of newly college students all cramming into a van to go to the mountains for a hike, most suitably in the 60's or 70's, this is what is playing in the car on the drive up. They have a sound very simular to the psychedelic rock of Strawberry Alarm Clock,'s album "Incense and Peppermint" and I hope if you dont check that album out that the title provides enough info as to the sound they would create. Highly recomend track 2, "Lost on a Mission to Mars" the whole song has rolling rifts of drums over ascending notes and vocals, ending in a crash slam of drum glory, as well as cerrying this vintage sci fi vibe, like the song that sould be playing in the high school dances of "Back to The Future". Definetly a band to look for future music from, or one could say up and coming, although their sound could get lost in a crowd, I'd hope to see some more distinguishing elements from them in the future. However, speaking of unique and memorable, the overlords certainly nailed both in their choice of album art for "The Well-Tempered Overlord".

Sounds Like: 
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Sounds Like: 
Vampire Weekend
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2, 3, 5,
Ellery Page
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