Rob Diloia
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3E Music Group / Domvega Ent. / So Angelic Sounds
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Pennslyvanian Rob Diioia released his EP, Stranger In My Home Town last year in November. The track "Sanctified" from his EP comes right out with the goods, "Baby, you talkin' too much/ Don't make a sound". I caught myself scrambling to get this man's number!  But by far my favorite lyrics are, "After messin' with you, you led me to temptation/ Now I don't know what I'ma do/ Mama said, 'Leave her the devil is in her' but she make me holy she do/ But if she is the devil why she feel like heaven/ Mama I be prayin' to you". 

On his Facebook page, he listed his interests as "Making Great Music and Living Life!", and by golly he is doing both. Robi's ingenius, awe-invoking lyrics and sounds have paved a path of success incomparably greater than that of Kanye West and Nas. 

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Sounds Like: 
One Direction
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1 Sanctified: No other tracks can compare
Betty Yu
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