Vinyl Williams
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Company Records
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This is Vinyl Williams' third album, put out via Chaz Bundick's label Company Records. He is definitely channeling his inner Toro y Moi with this record. It's some very chilled out psych pop with some funky R&B grooves. It's a great album just space out to when you're feeling super tired. It's the kind of record that would go perfect with some trippy psychedelic visuals. There's actually an interactive music video that goes with the song "Feedback Delicates." Highly reccomend checking that out. 

Sounds Like: 
Toro Y Moi
Sounds Like: 
Ariel Pink
Recommended Tracks: 
2.Riddles of The Sphinx: groovy bass line
3.Feedback Delicates: Funky af
Daniel Clark
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