AZ RPM Show Highlights SUMMER16: Illenium, Boombox Cartel, Kill The Noise, TRAPFEST, Adventure Club

Boombox Cartel
Kill The Noise
Stooki Sound
Adventure Club
Concert Date: 
Mon, 08/01/2016
Age Restriction: 
Phoenix / Tucson

"How was your summer?"

Hands-down the most asked question during Syllabus Week, often a hard question for those of us that get stuck in the blazing Arizona desert for three months while everyone else goes off to their temperate homes or vacation spots. But with our live electronic scene growing faster than Silicon Valley, it's no surprise that our summer wasn't LIT because of the high pressure systems--it was LIT because of all the incredible shows brought to our beautiful state. Even though I spent my summer almost entirely homebound, it wasn't quiet for a second. From sparkly future bass to hybrid trap to that "wonky" shit (don't worry, you'll be educated) it felt like every weekend I got to dance it out with another A+ DJ. There were just too many to give them all their own page, but not to fear, I'll recap them all for you... With the hope of inspiring you to check out one of the EVEN MORE LIT shows coming this Fall. The list is so long. Like, it can't be real. You're gonna cry. It's so great. Let's get started:

Openers: Snavs
Saturday, May 28th
Monarch Theatre, Phoenix

As one of the first shows of the season, *relatively* I had no idea what to expect--but my expectations were exceeded so much. I was actually more encaptured by the opener SNAVS than Illenium (I'd just seen them at Phoenix Lights in April) almost because they didn't match the sparkly, shimmery Illenium vibes--instead, their bass-inspired sound was more "turn up" than anything else. As you read you'll see that although these genres hit every nook of EDM, there is a special place in my heart for the TURN UP BANGERZ and Snavs is 100% an artist to watch if you feel the same. Snavs is coming up as the underdog you'd never expect (Well, not you, because now you know the electronic music director, and you're gonna follow me on Twitter and Soundcloud and never be out of the loop again!) He sounds like... a better Major Lazer? Yellow Claw? (He already has an EP on YC's label BarongFamily and founded his own Denmark EDM label Riotville Records, with releases ranging from hybrid trap to Troyboi-esque) ILLENIUM was to be expected, which doesn't mean it was bad at all. Their light show was incredible--roving lazers and bubbly, colorful visuals really complemented their ethereal sound. It was the kind of set that makes you want to close your eyes and outstretch your arms and kind of just sway to the rolling beat... Still dreaming about it!

ILLENIUM - Check out the fantastic remix of "Disarm You" by Kaskade
Soundcloud | Facebook
SNAVS - Check out "Murda" w/Fabian Mazur
Soundcloud | Facebook

Saturday, June 25th
Monarch Theatre, Phoenix

Honestly, there isn't much to say about this show that would surprise you--it was as lit as expected! Both artists live in the realm of dubby trap--with LAXX tending towards the heavy hybrid trap & dubstep, and Boombox Cartel bringing in future bass to complement their outrageous drops. LAXX is from the UK and fits in the ranks of Excision and EPTIC; Boombox Cartel are from Mexico and are closer to a Yellow Claw type, with future and hardstyle influences. At one point they did a B2B that made my knees weak! They make up 2 of my favorite electronic artists right now, and their sound captures exactly what I love to see come out of trap--what I'd describe as "too turnt for the party"! 10/10 would recommend seeing again (...and you can see LAXX Safe In Sound Festival in October...w/Borgore!!!)

BOOMBOX CARTEL - Check out the OG banger classic "B2U"
Soundcloud | Facebook
LAXX - Check out one of LAXX's best collabs w/Brillz: "Destruktion"
Soundcloud | Facebook

Openers: Rickyxsan, Madsonik
Saturday, July 9th
Monarch Theatre, Phoenix

Yet another Monarch show... I'm absolutely not complaining, considering how easy it is to travel by light rail. I had been looking forward to this show for monthssss. Kill The Noise is a notoriously fantastic live performer, and did not disappoint. The performance had so much clever live mixing and familiar bangers, accompanied by grimey visuals and lights. The openers were awesome too, playing what I remember thinking as "house trap", going B2B at one point! You can see Rickyxsan open for San Holo THIS SUNDAY at Space Yacht Phx!

KILL THE NOISE - The track that made me cry live: the underdog album star "Without A Trace"
Soundcloud | Facebook

TRAPFEST AZ: G.T.A., TroyBoi, Stooki Sound
Openers: Crave, Four Color Zack
Saturday, July 16th
The Pressroom, Phoenix

Since soon after last year's extra lit Trapfest, I've been systematically hyped up for this one--about a year strong. So you can imagine my delight when possibly my favorite DJ from across the pond, and up-n-comers Stooki Sound were announced. Shit was about to get wonky. And G.T.A. might just be the hype artist you never knew you loved, if you've listened to any trap mix in the past years. The Pressroom opened up a few years ago on the west side of downtown Phoenix and I instantly fell in love with its spaceous and gorgeously decorated room, and since then I've had incredible memories of everyone from Flume to Bad Suns. It's also a perfect place to bring the bassssss. Sitting right next to the Maricopa County Sheriff's office, it almost makes the music sound better? Deeper? I may be corrected, but this show was Stooki Sound's first time in Arizona... I hope they got the picture that we know what's up. G.T.A. had the gritty hybrid trap feeling, mixed in with some crazy dubstep. G.T.A.'s tour is coming back this fall to TUCSON on October 9th for the Good Times Ahead tour :-)

G.T.A - Listen to the OG classiccccc "Red Lips" - the Skrillex remix that even they play live!
Soundcloud | Facebook
TROYBOI - My favorite track (which is hard to say...) "Medusa Dayz"
Soundcloud | Facebook

STOOKI SOUND - You don't know the name but you've heard "Uppers" w/Mr. Carmack at all your fave sets
Soundcloud | Facebook

Openers: J.Paul
Saturday, July 23rd
The Rialto Theatre, Tucson

From the minute I walked into to my FAVORITE Tucson venue (maybe 191 Toole, but I've seen too many incredible performances at RT) I was turnt up by the mysterious opener J.Paul--he played a dirty mix of trap, dubstep, moobahton, and deep house that was energetically and beautifully mixed. It was almost "too turnt for the party" because I didn't see the majority of the crowd jumping around as much as I did (not that that deters me!) Adventure Club came on and played mostly their own discography, which is the best. Adventure Club's EDC set from this summer is a great representation of their show as well as one of my favorite mixes from the summer.

ADVENTURE CLUB - Check out the fantastic remix of "Disarm You" by Kaskade
Soundcloud | Facebook


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