The Story We Tell Ourselves

Mood Robot
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Mood Robot’s newest release The Story We Tell Ourselves is hard to explain, but in a good way. Thier bio blurb on Bandcamp describes it best “Indie Synth Pop trio// Keeping it fresh and not giving a hoot”. Which totally shines through they definitely have a very chiptune-space pop feel not really caring what is expected of their genre flowing from more a Skylar Smith fee with female vocals l to true EDM? It’s cohesive though, you know how the XX likes to flow songs straight into each other? Well that’s how Mood Robot likes to play this game too ya’ll and it’s straight fire- you could play “Into” into “Drip” every day because it flows so well. It does have an “atmospheric charm” as the case says with synth that reverbs more often than not.

Sounds Like: 
Skylar Spence
Sounds Like: 
Moon Over Japan
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01 Intro/02 Drip: I think they sound good as a combo but you can easily play them separate, “Intro” has no lyrics but its very good in a California Synth pop way and then hits you with the chiptune where “Drip” has a laid back feel with female vocals.
05 Promises: A very LA production, less rpm more indie rock pop they do that thing where you think it’s over but then it’s not. It also sounds so much like Moon of Japan and I really like them so yes.
Payton Wells
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