Amen & Goodbye

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Yeasayer is a very out there and experimental psychedelic pop band. They definitely take a lot of influences from bands from the 60s but still add their weird spin on that type of music. I wasn't a huge fan of the first single from this record "I am Chemistry." Sometimes I feel like they try too hard to be weird and fail to put together listenable songs. Although definitely listen to this song for the unexpected childrens choir that comes in towards the end. I did like the next single they put out for the record called "Silly Me." This song is probably the catchiest song of the record and most straight forward pop song. The last single they released "Gerson's Whistle" I also enjoyed. This song and the track "Uma" really gave off a Beatles vibe. Although there is highlights from this record, I feel like a lot the die hard Yeasayer fans will find this record dissapointing. They should probably just accept that Yeasayer isn't going to put out another record with the pop hooks of Odd Blood.

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Vampire Weekend if they were much weirder
Recommended Tracks: 
Silly Me:kinda sounds like Passion Pit, less experimental
Gerson's Whistle: psych pop vibe
Daniel Clark
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