Lunar Prelude

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Napalm Records
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Delain's 8 track EP, Lunar Prelude, features a female vocalist and a fusion of metal and orchestral instrumentals. This EP is absolutely beauitful, I loved every song and would recommend this EP to anyone, especially someone who isn't into the more typical genres of metal. Lunar Prelude has all the metal genre guitars but also infuses the typical orchestral instruments to create something that I had never previously heard. At least three of the songs are recorded live and usually I don't really like live songs but other than the crowd cheering in the beginning the songs sound perfectly fine, so don't let the live songs deter you from listening. I would recommend any of the songs on this EP but for some reason the instrumental version of "Suckerpunch" is just fantastic and feels like such an experience to me. It feels like it belongs in a DIsney movie because the emotions of the songs are conveyed so clearly through just the instrumentals. 10/10 you should definitetly give this a listen.

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Sounds Like: 
Mixture of Rock and Orchestra
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8 Suckerpunch Orchestra: This song is an experience
5 Stardust: great vocals, really great song overall
Danielle Perry
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