All My Friends Remixes

DJ Snake feat. Tinashe
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These all sounded roughly the same to me, which made me think that it's geared towards DJs in clubs, because of the pronounced beat to help fade into the next song. But nevertheless it's a good song, and if you like chill beats then you enjoy listening to this song seven times in a row all roughly sounding the same. So you go throught the first five right and you're all like- this could be someones purgatory just to listen to "All My Friends" for literally the rest of existence, but luckly for us this purgatory ends after half an hour. But then you get to number six and you think that somehow a ghost changed the CD out because suddenly it sounds literally nothing like what you've been listening to for the last 20 minutes and sounds like the beginning of a Michael Jackson/Earth,Wind, and Fire cross over and you're very intrigued by the use of a flute and then it turns out this remix is the best of all of the ones that you just listened to because a saxophone closes out this master piece of a remix. And then back to the club beats for a final reminder that this could be your purgatory.

Sounds Like: 
Every other club beat (Last one legit sounds like Wave Racer though)
Sounds Like: 
Smooth Jazz goes clubbing
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06: If you're going to play anything other than the original song play this one, just trust me I know what ai'm talking about.
07: It sounded like Wave Racer to me and I found it enjoyable
Payton Wells
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