Lost In The Mail

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Bend Records
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First impressions: folk-inspired, ambient, obviously Swedish. When I realized someone had handed a young, brooding Swedish man a guitar and a recording device, I assumed I'd be in store for a Tallest Man On Earth wannabe. But, not to take any praise from Matsson (I sort of think he can do no wrong), Lost In The Mail adds a depth to the downtempo acoustic style unlike the aforementioned contemporary. The vocals mostly reminisce TMOE or Leonard Cohen, and the instrumentation is a variety throughout the album rather than a 11-track streak of a genre hybrid, which is intensely refreshing. Some tracks rest upon electronic beats, a la Tycho, some stay true to an acoustic guitar, and some blend the two. The music follows a lazy pace, but the pleasant kind, like half-awake summer afternoons. Callenberg is able to fulfill the tricky task of taking simple chords, loops, and verses and creating a genuine complexity. This album is not for the light hearted--that is, it is not for those on the fence about this genre. But for those deep within the throes of lofi bedroom folk, this will be a refreshing and skilled addition to your collection.

Sounds Like: 
Working For A Nuclear Free City
Sounds Like: 
The Horrors
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7 Since Your Last Show
3 Dive
Tatum Schranz
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