Fontaines II

The Fontaines
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Imagine you're starring in an indie rom-com taking place in Southern California; its the classic boy-meets-girl story, and you reach the point in the movie where you and your new beau are spending a whirlwind day at the Santa Monica Pier, a montage of cotton candy, amusement park rides, and the beach. The Fontaines are sort of that feeling - that rom com, doo-wop, fun and breezy feeling of new (and spoiled) love. Fontaines II offers up an infective blend of sunny, fresh indie pop tunes - as they call it, "New-Wop". In the vein of bands like She & Him, this album is fun, light and breezy, and at only 6 tracks, offers a surprising array of emotions - from the romantic "I Love You", to moody "Please, Say Something", to cover of the Lana Del Rey song from 2013's The Great Gatsby - "Young & Beautiful" - sung in part in French. The bright instruments, jazzy female vocals, and vintage vibe don't feel old, but will put you in a sunny mood, possibly feeling a little like Zooey Deschanel, and send you to your own inner fun-date montage. 

Sounds Like: 
She & Him
Sounds Like: 
the bird and the bee
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#4 "I Love You": A cute, "new-wop" track with a steady build up and jaunty bass
#5 "Young & Beautiful": A gorgeous cover of the Lana Del Rey song, with the first verse and chorus in French. Does not disappoint, and rivals the original
Katie Fapp
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