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Dance Originality by VO5 is quite the trip through the sounds of the past, albeit with mixed results. Self-described as a "9-piece disco big band," the press release for this album claims that the group has been together for ten years, but that this is their debut album. Maybe they were spending all these years trying to pinpoint the sound they were going for, but Dance Originality is in the most simplest terms, a mess. There are disco, funk, soul, dance, and jazz tracks on here, but the group doesn't have the chops in any of these areas to deliver something that is compelling. VO5 seems like they were shooting for a fun collection of songs that would appeal to a wide variety of listeners, but instead the tracks on this LP are mediocre at best. There are some good times to be had, "In Your Dancing Dreams" is decidedly funky, with some decent vocals. "Soul Shiny Day" is super corny, but also endearing, like a soul song recorded for an episode of Arthur. There's a song called "The Disco Haiku" that's not good at all, but the title of the track is amazing enough that I had to mention it. Overall, every track on this album made me shrug my shoulders and think "I guess this is fine?" You won't be clamoring to replay anything on Dance Originality, but if you're looking for something to mix it up a little bit, VO5 might provide just what you need. 

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A fairly decent cover band that you'd see at a Tuesday night performance at the local tiki bar
Recommended Tracks: 
2. "In Your Dancing Dreams" - fun and FUNKY!
4. "Soul Shiny Day" - a sweet bit of super sterile soul
8. "Aurora"" - a really sweet, dreamy vibe; it'll make ya feel good :)
André Pettman
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