"Floridada" - Single

Animal Collective
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"Floridada" is the first single off of Animal Collective's upcoming LP Painting With. As the first single, this track features just about every aspect of Painting With that is new to the band's sound: an incredibly squelchy modular synthesizer, Colin Stetson's avant-garde saxophone techniques, virtually no reverb or vocal effects, and Avey Tare and Panda Bear singing on the same song for the first time since 2010's Fall Be Kind. Really, the only already-announced feature from Painting With that doesn't make an appearance here is John Cale, but the song manages not to sound messy or cluttered at all. "Floridada" may actually be Animal Collective's most straightforward and poppy track yet, and it's incredibly fun. Every single sound works very well together, and Avey Tare and Panda Bear's voices bounce off each other throughout the track, delivering slightly surreal and silly lyrics about a fictional land where the cultures of the world collage together. In that way, "Floridada" is one of the broadest songs the band has written in terms of scope, but the song's concise pop structure make it feel more compact and catchy than anything they've done before. This track definitely is indicative that Painting With will be a change in direction for Animal Collective (although that could be said about each of their releases), and I'm as excited as ever to hear more.

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Florida as a collage of the rest of the world
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1 "Floridada" fun and bouncy, lots of creative sounds throughout
Jake Calegari
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