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Rough Trade Records
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Jenny Lee is best known for being the bassist for the band Warpaint, and boy does this record have some freaking dirty bass lines. After hearing the single "never" which I loved, and being a fan of Warpaint, I was definitely excited to hear the entire record. This album incorporates a lot of elements of post punk and new wave which remind me a lot of some of my favorite 80s bands like The Cure and New Order. Her vocals are very moody, dark and dreamy sounding. The song "long lonely winter" is definitely a stand out track for me. It's maybe the catchiest track and the bass line in the second half of the song is groovy af. Personally I loved this album, definitely give it a listen and play it on your shows peeps.

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
The Cure
Recommended Tracks: 
3.never:that bass line tho
4.long lonely winter: second half of song is fire
Daniel Clark
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