When I Feel Like This

The Fairest and the Best
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Self Released
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I have no idea what genre this is, it's just good. The first song on the EP from this Canadian band is super catchy and fun, something I won't be able to get out of my head for days. The next song, "One Little Sign" features a female vocalist along with the main guy, and it's slower, sort of like a country song? But not real country, like early Taylor Swift country. It builds up and gets pretty guitar-heavy in the choruses. He just wants "one little sign, that's all I need to build my hope on." I know the feeling, dude. The third song starts with some very loud screeching feedback noise. Other than that, it's pretty good. This one is more rock sounding, possibly. He almost sounds like the guy from Matchbox Twenty in this song.

Sounds Like: 
Jazz and pop and rock and alt and maybe country?
Recommended Tracks: 
1. When I Feel Like This: Very catchy, good for radio
2. One Little Sign: Cute song, upbeat
Taylor Brestel
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