Time Of My Life

Non-Airable Tracks: 
DomWan Entertainment
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First off, I had a good time listening to this album - it's got a really fun, party-like atmosphere around it. In addition, while this album sounds like fairly standard club music, JopauL makes each song sound unique fairly memorable, especially towards the middle of the album. These songs just stick in your head and make you want to hit replay after each one. JopauL's done a good job with this album and I'm interested to hear what he'll release in the future.


Sounds Like: 
Modern club music
Recommended Tracks: 
(4) "Aww Yeah": Really fun song to listen to
(5) "Me and You": I really like the auto-tune on this one
(6) "You Got It": Slower than the rest of the album. I like the guest vocals on this one
(7) "All Night": Sounds like a typical club track, good beats and auto-tune
(10) "Get That Feeling": Slower, good female vocals
Eric Newberry
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