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Burger Records
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If you're into fuzzy garage rock and/or dream pop, you'll dig this album. Really, if you like any of the excessive stuff Burger Records puts out, you'll like this album. It's accessible, it's fun, it'll get your head bobbing and your feet tapping. Definitely one of those records where every song on it is perfect for radio play. It's just nothing new, which isn't really a problem, it would just be nice to see Burger sign someone innovative. And a couple songs actually did surprise me. I listed those below. 

Sounds Like: 
Cherry Glazerr
Sounds Like: 
Black Angels
Recommended Tracks: 
3 Nothing Baby: there's some super fuzzed out guitars on this track, and really echoey vocals. It's got some cool guitar layering too, reminds me of the Black Angels. 5/5
4 On My Chest: this is my favorite song off the album, it's got some serious post punk vibes, altho be aware it's 5 minutes long 5/5
9 Sleep Alone: more acoustic but still rough around the edges, if that's the type of song you want to play right now, go for it 4/5
Molly Ragan
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