Inside Voices

Kenosha Kid
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Kenosha Kid is solid.  Tossing that out there.  Combo-esque jazz that manages to separate itself from the norm and the noise is kind of rare; a whole lot of stuff falls into the same sort of crevasse of good-sounding, talented jazz that fails to break new ground.  “Inside Voices” is very much NOT that.  The right amount of dissonance and doing flat-out weird stuff with their sound seems to characterize the Kenosha Kid approach to jazz, and I can dig it.  The album is a bit more slow and laid back, pacing-wise, than you’ll get from a lot of combos these days, and the tracks all seem to be original compositions, which is more than you’ll get from most combos these days.  It’s a bit off the beaten path, but not so far off that most listeners will be unsure of who they are anymore, which is what that Schnellertollermeier album did to me last week.  Oh man.

Anyway, “Inside Voices” is composed of slower, weirder jazz than that of its compatriots.  Give it a shot for its uniqueness; stick around for the talent and genuine stylings.  You’ll love it.

Sounds Like: 
The Kandinsky Effect
Sounds Like: 
Kurt Rosenwinkel
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4 Zombie Party: I challenge you to feel anything but very alive as you play this brassy, upbeat track with a really weird intro [5 stars]
6 Mushmouth: distinct swing beat carries the song, along with a lot of sax noodling, as well as being one of the faster tracks [5 stars]
Daniel Witter
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