How to Stop Time

Neu Human
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Neu Human’s Al Azar has perfected the art of melding genres—natural and artificial, electronic elements. This spiritual drug trip of an album pulls you through space and time with its calm, ethereal, sleepy mix. It’s sad, yet happy. It’s the type of music that would play softly in the background of a yoga class. It’s like the movie “The Science of Sleep” personified. It really is a trip in itself.

Sounds Like: 
The Helio Sequence
Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
U2 (kind of?)
Recommended Tracks: 
2 Opens as you drift through sparkly water. A deep voice lulls you through a sad, repetitive yet soothing beat. “You’re the reason why we try…” lyric on repeat, and a sweet harmonica towards the end.
3 Now you’re floating through space. You’re meditative, calm, sensual and introspective. “Oh we’re drifting…flying through the air, I don’t even care…”
7 Here, the album picks up with big vocals and hip shaking to a mystical tune.
Kalli Wolf
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