Gasconha Rocks

The Inspector Cluzo
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Sucidal Records
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With an odd combination of progressive rock and 80s hair metal, this French rock duo debuts their fourth EP. Gasconha Rocks is a 10 song, 26 minute album that blends hair metal with traditional rock and roll. Inspector Cluzo reeked of mediocrity and quite honestly seemed overrated. While the vocals a reminiscint of Judas Priest, the rest of the band was bland and lacking creativity. Even the lyrics were boring. If you're into French 80s throwback bands, then the Inspector Cluzo is for you. If not, steer clear because they are just a pointless listen. This band meshes two styles that really don't belong together. While these two men might be having the times of their lives traveling the world touring, I found this album to just be boring. But check it out if you want. 

Sounds Like: 
Judas Priest
Sounds Like: 
George Thorogood
Recommended Tracks: 
Lo Camin de la Hesta - it was alright, kind of funky.
Alexis Walker
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