The Bailout Shop

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Callenberg is composed of Swedish songwriter/musician Anders Callenberg, who produces a folky, synthy, flowy conglomeration of songs on his second album, The Bailout Shop. I would argue Callenberg's stuff has a beachy, farm-y feeling (if that is such a thing), meaning it is very lax and filled with continuous sounds that just lull the listener. Track 7, Mad machine, has a nice, soft electronic vibe, definitely radio friendly. Tracks 4 and 6, You might as well know, and Twelve hours, respectively, are a bit moody and feel sort of like laid-back psychedelic-y tunes. The vocals are minimal, but they are definitely songs to just stare at the ceiling and think about life while listening to, if someone were looking for that. Most of the album is quiet and comfortable, even with the added synths, and good for a relaxing, thought-provoking afternoon. 

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Sounds Like: 
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4-You might as well know: A little strange-sounding with some intriguing female vocals and lots of electronic sounds.
7-Mad machine: Has a dance-able beat and one of the more throwback electronica tracks on the album. I would play this one on the air!
11-Monkey on the loose: Aside from the sick title, there is a really nice groove to this one.
Brianna Bartos
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