Psychedlic Planet

Various Artist
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Six Degrees Records
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Not expecting what to expect when I first picked up this CD. As it was one of the Alt albums that was avalible and had Bassnectar on a track so I thought I'd dive right in. The music that came blaring of my speakers, I could not believe that this was in the Alt section. Being an avid EDM fan, right off the bat it gives you this chill, relaxing and laid-back vibe. But once I started going through each track, around the middle of the album there was some dupstep or dub on a couple of tracks. This shouldnt have surprised me but it did. Those tracks gave the psychedelic feel from the rest of the album on out. Trippy, spacey and floating in mid-air vibes. Also there are some tracks that have various languages, including french.  I was not able to understand what they were saying but it go pretty well with the tracks. My favorite track out the album would be 7. Taiga- Diamond Saints Remix because it gave the feeling of your face melting off. No your face will not melt off but the rifts and beats on this track are out of this world. Overall, my final verdict of this CD would be to play this on your show. Even though it is listed as an Alt album it could deffinately be placed very easily in RPM. If you are into psychedelic, bass and chill vibes then this is the album for you!!! 

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Sounds Like: 
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6. Alkher Illa Doffor-(Bassnectar Remix) Sounds like a track that he recently released from his album. Dubby with hard hitting bass.
7. Taiga- (Diamond Saints Remix) Chill, psychedelic pace with some bass that is mind blowing. Some Bassnectar influence for sure.
5. Hurriya- (Banco Olegaia remix) Slow and relaxing sound
Ryan Reyes
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