Los Hacheros
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Chulo Records
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What a hot mess of fine Latin I’ve been getting lately.  Los Hacheros bust out some moves on a gritty group of tracks to please that hidden (or not so hidden, as the case may be) dance master dwelling deep within you.  Cater to the beast; let it be free!  Shake your body.  According to the band’s website, their tracks are recorded on cassette to maintain a gritty, less refined sound.  Normally I don’t hold with that kind of thing, but really, had they done anything else, it just wouldn’t have been as good.  Spin this early and often.  Or late and often.  Often.  Spin it often.  Shoutouts to Chulo Records for hooking us up with this AND Peliroja’s “Injusticia.”

Sounds Like: 
Chicha Dust
Sounds Like: 
Nilson Matta
Recommended Tracks: 
1 Azucar: a heartfelt, swinging track to start the album off right. Grab your dance partner and swing around on the floor in each other’s arms [5 stars]
3 Chano: kind of upbeat, faster paced, and hot to trot, this has just a little hint of jazz going on in there [5 stars]
Daniel Witter
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