Out of Nowhere

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Mystic Lane Productions
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Jammin’ ditties from jammin’ cats.  Octobop have made quite a pretty album for us to listen to, in the vein of a lounge/supper club jazz orchestra outfit.  Pretty swell, if you ask me; let me count the ways:

1. Got a delightful brass and woodwind section

2. Delicate high hat for the keeping of any and all tempos

3. Soulful solos (“soulos”)

4. Vibes, man.  Vibes

5. Guitar!  Now that’s not your standard supper club fare, so haters best evacuate

That’s at least seven.  Play this, and make your own list; it won’t be hard, because these cats are pretty smooth.

Sounds Like: 
Glenn Cashman's Southland Nonet
Recommended Tracks: 
1 Bug in a Rug: what a way to start an album, with some upbeat club fare. I feel snug indeed [5 stars]
11 Romaine: slow start, but picks right up and takes you away. Bring your dancing shoes, cats [5 stars]
Daniel Witter
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