Talking Backwards (single)

Real Estate
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Real Estate is one of my favorite bands of all time and one of few buzz bands that have really stood the test of time and consistently put out great records in my opinion. "Talking Backwards" is the first single off their upcoming album Atlas and showcases a much more mature and refined Real Estate. They have abandoned the muggy, lo-fi sound of their earlier records in favor for a pristenely polished recording quality which suits their more grown-up songwriting and sound. If their self-titled debut sounded like a humid summer of teenage ennui, "Talking Backwards" sounds like a blissful, airy summer with your fiancee. (Frontman and songwriter Martin Courtney is now married and living in a tastefully decorated apartment, perhaps that has influenced his songwriting and sound.) This single is a wonderful slice of indie pop perfection and I'm waiting with baited breath for their latest album.

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The Orchids
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The Wake
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Sounds Like: 
Beach Fossils
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1- Talking Backwards: It's a single ya dingus! Perfect pretty pop
Brett Botting
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