Filthy Empire

Heaven's Basement
Non-Airable Tracks: 
1.) Welcome Home 2.) Fire, Fire 4.) Lights Out in London 5.) I Am Electric 7.) Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch
Red Bull Records
Album Art: 

This album is fantastic. The only downside is that some of their best songs on this album drop the F-bomb. So unless you have some editing skills, you're not going to be able to play them. The guitar riffs are hard, heavy, and powerful. The singer has power and force behind his voice which really carries the band. The band definitely knows how to come together to make a fantastic sound. I can only say they're good so many times....they're good! I highly recommend playing something from this album.




Sounds Like: 
Slash (solo work)
Sounds Like: 
Alter Bridge (Myles Kennedy)
Recommended Tracks: 
3.) Nothing Left to Lose - Pretty good song with a seriously kickass guitar solo.
6.) The Long Goodbye - The chorus is what does it for me on this one. Very powerful.
Daniel Bos
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