Soon, We'll Dance

Jessica Martindale
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I don’t care who you are, you always need a healthy dose of sunshine pop/country once in a while. This EP by Jessica Martindale is quite a good 25 minute detour from your busy life out to a carefree sunny Saturday summer afternoon. This album is just enough country to let you know that it is from Nashville but it is pop at its core. It is not an innovative record so much as just a formulaic replication of something that is good. Saying that, it is put together very nicely, enough to be comparable to big artists. While I believe the lack of originality of this record will halt any hope of mainstream success, it is good enough that if a big name artist had come out with these songs, they could all be hits by now. The music is very catchy and comfortable to listen to and Jessica Martindale has a very beautiful voice. 

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
The Band Perry
Recommended Tracks: 
Track 1: Soon, We'll Dance, very catchy and mainstream sounding
Track 7: a very slow sad song that is very engaging
Matthew Nielsen
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