Playing Her Guitar Suite

Rip 'N Time
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Bosue Recordz
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This mini-album or EP-type-thing from Rip ‘N Time is proof that you should not judge a book (or album) by its cover. The bizarre colored pencil of the portrait of the band gracing the cover of the CD looks like something out of a middle school student’s notebook and right off the bat I expected it to be awful. It wasn’t that bad. Playing Her Guitar Suite is a collection of 3 pretty rad jams starting with the title track “Playing Her Guitar” which opens with some jangly guitar drenched with chorus, reminiscent of something on Sarah Records, giving way to some soft Ira Kaplan-type vocals and eventually some gnarly 80s shred guitar and drum solos. The shred-fest continues on the 8 minute instrumental track “Twisting Road” which elaborates on the groove from the opening song. The third track is basically the same thing but with some breathy shoegaze vocals, so it does get a little boring after a while, but the first track is pretty cool so it’s forgivable.

Sounds Like: 
Ariel Pink
Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Van Halen
Sounds Like: 
the 80s
Recommended Tracks: 
1 "Playing Her Guitar": The only one with vocals, a rockin little ditty with some gnarly guitars
Brett Botting
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