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Kanji Ohta and the Jazz Family with Jimmy Heath
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JZAZ Records
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Long artist name aside, Kanji Ohta and the Jazz Family with Jimmy Heath is sort of exactly what one might think when one thinks of the 40s and 50s brassy scene that is the traditional concept of “jazz.”  The tracks are mostly instrumental, with just a couple of them feature a vocalist, and they’re all excellent in their own way.  All tracks feature powerful brass and lovely backing piano, with well-put-together percussion that doesn’t get stale at all.  There’s a whole lot of style in what they do here, and there’s something for everyone.  Very fortunately, the tracks I’ve selected as “recommended” are just my personal favorites, as all of the tracks are excellent in their own way.  Listen to them all and pick out your own favorites.

Sounds Like: 
Joe Henderson
Sounds Like: 
Ella Fitzgerald
Recommended Tracks: 
1 East of the Sun: light and happy, featuring a sultry singer with an enchanting accent 5 stars]
2 Tea For Two: nice and speedy with great rhythm and some more forward piano work [5 stars]
7 There Will Never Be Another You: instrumental version of an old favorite, very well-done [5 stars]
Daniel Witter
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