Guards (Richie Follin)

[Photo by: Melanie Trecha]

Guards (Richie Follin)
Hometown: New York
Location: Austin, Texas (SXSW)
Date: 03/12/2013

Shannon Kurlander: Is this your first time at SXSW?

Richie Follin: No. Between the different bands I’ve played in, I’ve been to ‘south by’ like nine times.

Kurlander: How is this time going so far?

Follin: It’s great. Rock n’ roll is never cool in daylight but you got to do what you got to do.

Kurlander: After your first EP, what inspired your new album that just came out?

Follin: I think it’s just time, mainly. A lot of the record was learned when we were travelling, touring on the EP, and I think just the natural progression of the band playing so many shows kind of formed the band.

Kurlander: You were in Cults too. How is it different being in Guards? Is there a different dynamic?

Follin: Oh yeah. I mean it’s completely different [laughing]. It’s two very different bands as far as the people in the group and musically, I feel like. Cults the whole thing is about Madeline, the singer, and it’s kind of like a girl group in that sense and I mean this band, Guards, I feel like is more rock in a traditional sense. [Looks away] There’s a dead bird right there that caught my eye. It looks headless. Get a picture of that. [Points]

Kurlander: Gruesome

Follin: I love it.

Kurlander: How did you guys form?

Follin: It’s actually when I was in Cults I just recorded some songs, put them on the internet, and we started getting all of these offers for shows, managers were calling us and record labels. We formed because we got an offer for a really great show at CMJ one year so we had to put a band together and learn the songs.

Kurlander: Have you been really busy since the new album?

Follin: Yeah super busy. It’s only been a month but we’ve been on tour the whole time and we have projected dates until the next year.

Kurlander: Is that overwhelming for you or exciting?

Follin: It is when I look at it as a whole. And then when I’m realizing we’re doing this. It’s such a small part of like the beginning of the cycle, it’s daunting. If I just look at it one day at a time it’s fine.

Kurlander: Looking forward to seeing anyone at SXSW?

Follin: Yeah I mean we have tons of friends here. Obviously we’re playing a bunch of great shows and there’s great bands playing those. We’re playing with Jim James and I’m excited to see that.

Kurlander: Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

Follin: We’re playing with the Flaming Lips so I’m really excited to see them.

Kurlander: If you were in a cover band and you could only cover one artist, who would it be?

Follin: We do one cover song now and it’s Neil Young. I would probably just have to say Neil Young. I got the look too. I’m trying to play him in his movie. I want to get the rights.

Kurlander: So the next thing we can look forward to from you is a Neil Young movie and soundtrack.

Follin: [Laughs] Oh yeah you can.