God Powered

Patrick Butler
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MMOS Music
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Patrick Butler's album God Powered is a religious album inasmuch as Coltrane's A Love Supreme is a religious album. Really, it's a groovy badass jazz album. There's a lot going on in each song--a lot of layers and guitars metamorphosing into saxophones and I use that word 'metamorphosing' because what comes out, you know, floats like a butterfly over the whole easy relaxing jazzy soundscape. It reminds me of lounging out in a lush backyard with a lemonade getting a tan. On the other hand, it's also the kind of music that you would listen to on your way to your office job to kind of de-stress before you stress. Or else it's the kind of music that would come on your radio alarm clock from 1998 set to the adult contemporary station. Or else it's the kind of music that like on a cooking show when they fade to commercial the live band is playing this kind of music. Chill morning music. Good jazz. Listen to it it's probably good for you. Thank God for jazz.

Sounds Like: 
Kevin Eubanks
Sounds Like: 
Al Jarreau
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1. "God Powered" good intro song
Adam Iddings
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